This project required a reliable and holistic connectivity among all hardware/software components, which imposed many integration challenges. The sensor data was being collected on Arduino platform, then passed to a Linux based embedded device, running Onion OS and then to AWS IoT services. UART communication protocol had to be utilized to achieve connectivity between hardware. Additionally, several AWS services were utilized to receive and analyze the data, including IoT servers, databases, analytics servers and visualization tools.

  • Won the Honorable Mention award for the AWS IoT App Challenge competition
  • Was featured on Onion's website as it "incorporates hardware and the cloud working together to make a useful IoT device"
  • Successfully architected the system using several different services from AWS platform
  • Implemented a fully connected, fully portable IoT solution
  • Tech stack:
      • AWS IoT, Kinesis, S3, and QuickSight
      • MQTT and UART protocols
      • Arduino
      • Node.js
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